This is This is SportsCenter

By Thomas Albano

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t been quiet for some time, but I’ve been working on other projects. But, I’ll save my plugs for the end. Let’s just get into the article

So, there’s been a lot going on in this world recently. So, let’s talk about something else — commercials. Commercials that are a guaranteed laugh in the sports world — the This is SportsCenter commercials.

Just some background info — the This is SportsCenter commercial series started in 1994, and advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy is responsible for writing the series. It’s a “mockumentary” of sorts that talk about life at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, and a bunch of athletes and noteworthy ESPN personnel appear.

Now, let me take you through some of my favorites.

Here’s one of the earliest, if not the first, This is SportsCenter ad. Roger Clemens and Cam Neely appear to be having a hard time trying to find where SportsCenter is.

Here’s one of the earliest I remember — an ad from around 2000, a time where Tiger Woods was at the top of his game (and, well, what he’s not today)

Here’s what is probably my favorite of these commercials, however. John Clayton is, well, the man. And it’s hard not to laugh when you see him act like he is here. This commercial is just about universally loved. I also recently learned Clayton got let go about a couple of months ago, which saddens me. But I’m glad he’s getting work on radio still, and as a Seattle Seahawks commentator.

Arnold Palmer is another G.O.A.T. Even watching him make his Arnold Palmer tea is amazing. RIP.

The good ol’ Manning family, and of course it’s Peyton and Eli who are the ones messing around. Why? Because does poor Cooper even matter?

What? Stone Cold studying. What? Takes a chair to the back. What? Better than having a 5-Hour Energy. What? WWE legend. What?

Now this is just a great tribute.

Maybe it’s because I like the Rangers. Maybe it’s because I liked Lundqvist from the time I first got hooked on the Rangers. And maybe it’s because I loved The Muppets as a young child. But it’s a huge win in my book for this commercial to exist.

I can go on and on about these commercials and show more. But, honestly, have a fun search on YouTube for these.

And credit needs to be given to the folks at ESPN and Wieden+Kennedy. Even if some may say not every commercial hits a home run, this series’ reputation in the land of TV is certainly Hall of Fame worthy.

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