The Unspoken Podcast Ep. 26

**ORIGINAL AIR DATE: July 7, 2017**

If you missed this episode when it aired live last week, here’s your chance to catch up!

Today, Tom and Nick are once again joined by Nick Morgasen. The guys talk the Gary Sanchez/Logan Morrison situation, NBA Free Agency, and play a game of “Should It Be On TV?”


The Unspoken Podcast Ep. 25

**ORIGINAL AIR DATE: June 30, 2017**

If you missed this episode when it aired live on the YouTube channel, check it out here!

Lots of sports news from this past week, and in this episode, Tom and Nick will be discussing matters such as:
– Phil Jackson’s departure from the New York Knicks
– Chris Paul being traded to the Houston Rockets
– The MLB All-Star Game starting lineups

The Unspoken Podcast Ep. 24

If you missed episode 24 of The Unspoken Podcast when it was live this afternoon, check it out here!

Today, Tom and Nick Fodera are joined by Nick Morgasen, president of The Undetermined Podcast Network. They talk the NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency. After Nick M. departs, Tom and Nick F. talk today’s Rangers-Coyotes trade (before the Coyotes-Blackhawks trade was announced), the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft, the NHL Draft and the struggling New York Yankees. Check it out now!